Sunday Morning Club

This is the post excerpt.


So, after months of ‘lurking’ and following other sober blogs, I have finally decided to put pen to paper so to speak.

I met a friend this morning to walk our dogs along the beach and it struck me that people up early and mooching about on a Sunday morning are a friendly bunch. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that we are all hangover free? (Or at least not stuck in bed in a world of post-drinking pain).

Well I am happy to be a fully fledged member of this club and here’s to many sober Sunday mornings ahead.

Let’s all blame the sober one..

One thing I have become more aware of is the attitude of other people to my non drinking; here’s a recent example:
I had the in-laws round for dinner last weekend and the mother in law asked me whether I would like a glass of the prosecco she had brought with her. I of course declined and used the excuse that as I was driving them home after dinner I shouldn’t drink. She asked me two more times before giving up and drinking the whole bottle herself. 
She then called my partner the next day to say she had a terrible hangover for which I was to blame as I ‘made’ her drink the whole bottle herself. 

Now that’s some crazy logic!

Friday 5pm aka the sober danger zone

So, it’s the end of a busy week and people are looking to relax and unwind which inevitably for most people involves a tipple (or ten). So how do you get through this without alcohol? Well, it’s not easy but tonight I shall be rewarding myself for surviving a stressful (sober) week with a hot bath and a hot curry with my hot boyfriend(!).  

How do you cope when the wine witch comes a knocking?